dead zone

The Dead Zone

Jul 25, 2011 Comments Off

Population growth in the US occurs everywhere, but there are certain areas where the strain is felt more than others. One of these places is the Chesapeake Bay Watershed Region - right in FAIR's backyard. Population growth puts more pressure on the Chesapeake Bay (one of the nation's largest estuaries) to provide enough water for ...

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Population Growth and its Effects

Jul 21, 2011 Comments Off

As immigration increases, the total U.S. population increases. But the spiraling increases do not stop there. Booming demands for electricity, especially for air conditioners during these hot summer days and housing are a part of the package. We see that in the mid-Atlantic region, power usage has already hit 150,560 megawatts. ...

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Jul 19, 2011 Comments Off

Instead of building new roads, technology is proposed to decrease traffic jams. With less people, by eliminating illegal immigration and reducing legal immigration numbers, there would be no need for new roads or this technology.

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Baby Feet

U.S. births the cause of Latino increase

Jul 15, 2011 Comments Off

Much of the Latino population increase stems from births as opposed to new immigrants.

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U.S. Geographic Region Breakdown

U.S. Population Growth is Shifting to New Areas

Jul 13, 2011 Comments Off

The Midwest is the stereotyped region for immigrants. ¬†However, the influx has shifted to Western and Southwestern regions of the U.S., heavily impacting politics!  

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