Population Growth Taxes Electric Grid

Aug 15, 2011 Comments Off

The Texas population grew by almost 5 million people over the last decade, according to U.S. Census Bureau data. This staggering population growth, which is more than any other state in the country, is creating an unprecedented demand for electricity in Texas. Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) aims to maintain a minimum of 12.5 percent ...

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Jobs can’t keep up with population growth in many states

Aug 12, 2011 Comments Off

Migration has caused an increased job deficit in many states, such as California or Texas, where the working-age population has grown far beyond the number of jobs available to support them.  California and Texas would need to create 11.2% and 5.6% more positions, respectively, in order to accommodate in-coming job seekers and take the states ...

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Man Swarm and the Killing of Wildlife

Aug 10, 2011 Comments Off

Dave Foreman's latest book discusses the global and national need for population stabilization. After drawing the link from "man swarm," or the population bomb, to the biodiversity crisis that has wiped out key wildlife habitat and contributed to atmospheric pollution, Foreman outlines in his chapters steps that can be taken to reverse the harm and ...

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2010 COP 10 Opening Ceremony

Earth’s Systems in Rapid Decline

Aug 9, 2011 Comments Off

A new study estimates that without dealing with the big issues of the 21st century: population, overconsumption, and inefficient resource use, "humanity will need 27 planet Earths by 2050." In the U.S., areas such as the Chesapeake Bay region are suffering from immigrant-driven population growth, which has put a burden on the resources available to ...

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Colorado River Basin Highlights Population Growth

Aug 2, 2011 Comments Off

Colorado River Basin statistics on water usage reveal that per capita water usage has actually declined by an average of at least one percent per year from 1990 to 2008. However, overall withdrawals from the basin have increased. The facts suggest that the increase in water usage cannot be blamed on overconsumption, but rather overpopulation. ...

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